Whether cancellation of admission is possible?

Once admission is approved, cancellation/ withdrawal of admission and refund of fee is not possible.

What is the procedure to take Admission?

The applicant need to submit fill online or offline application form for admission and send the hard copy of the forms and documents to us for confirmation of Admission.

What do you mean by distance education?

Distance Education refers to education imparted remotely with the help of modern communication technology. MSMT offers distance education programs to provide quality education to students who, for various reasons, cannot be part of a classroom.

Postgraduate and Graduate Programs are offered in the disciplines of Management, Technical Studies and Computers. MSMT programs are learner-centric, using distinct delivery methods like Self Learning Materials and counselling sessions

From where can I get the information about the Fee, Eligibility criteria?

It is available in the Prospectus and our website www.msmt.org.in. For a detailed presentation and discussions kindly give us a call on +91=11-41037222

Whether the Original documents are to be dispatched to the MSMT along with application form for admission?

No. Only photocopy of the documents duly attested need to be dispatched to us. However, the officials of MSMT will verify the original documents during the period of his/her study.

To obtain admission under Distance Education programs of MSMT, do I need to go through an entrance examination?

At present, no admission test is required for any of the programs. The admission to various Programs is purely based on eligibility criteria, as prescribed in the prospectus and website.

How Do I pay the Fresh Admission fee?

Applicant can make Fees payment in any of following mode/s:

Demand draft:  The student can make one single demand draft covering all the fee heads (Semester fee, Certificate fee, Late Fee, wherever applicable).  The Demand Draft should be drawn in the name of Mangalam School of Management & Technology, payable at New Delhi.

Online payment: Payment can also be made through Payment Gateway.

Net banking: Account holders of the any Banks only can use this facility in order to make the Fee payment

How do I check my Application status? (Pending / Provisional/ Rejected/ Approved/ Eligible for Admission)

You can check the status in our website www.msmt.org.in. You can also call us or drop a mail at studentsupport@msmt.org.in

Where can I collect the books and ID card after taking admission?

Once the Admission/Re-registration status is approved the course material or ID card will be dispatched to student. 

Can I send the scan copy of pending documents?

No, attested hard copy of relevant documents is to be dispatched to us.

Who can attest the documents and how it should be?

The candidate has to submit the eligibility documents self-attested or duly attested by Gazetted officer / Notary Public.

Attested documents should have the seal & signature of the attestation officer. The seal should contain the name, designation, address. If Name, Designation and Address of the attestation officer are not clear, then the admission form will not be considered for processing. If the documents are attested by Notary, the seal of the Notary should always contain the Registration number and place of the Notary.

The Headmaster/ Headmistress/ Principal of Government colleges are eligible for attestation of the documents. The seal should contain Name of the person, College/ School Name and Place of the College/ School. The attestation by Headmaster / Headmistress / Principal of Private School / Colleges will not be considered.

Photocopy of attested documents are not acceptable. Attestation on fax copy of the document is not acceptable.

The Name, Seal and Designation details of the attestation should be in English/ Hindi. 

What happens to the form, if the pending documents are not submitted to the MSMT?

The form will be rejected and the amount received, if any will be refunded as per the rules.

What is the time period I will get to submit the Pending documents of Provisional Admission case?

Documents are to be submitted to us within the given time limit or else provisional admission granted is liable to be rejected.

When the refund will be processed for Rejected Applications?

Refund will be done within 3 to 4 weeks from the date of rejection.

What is the mode of Rejection refund?

The refund will be made in the form of Demand draft, drawn in the name of the student.

Whether rejection refund can be processed in any name?

No. Refund DD will be made only in the name of the student only.

Whether change of program after approval of admission is possible?

Request for change of program can be submitted through online within the last dates of admission along with the Fee of Rs 1000/-. The hard copy of the new form with should reach the institute within the due date.