Joining MSMT programs is a big step. Whether your professional goal is to move ahead in a similar field, or make a significant career change, this is an opportunity to reassess your priorities, think about what you enjoy doing, and take positive action to manage your career. We understand the critical importance of your career development during the program but also recognize that a successful career requires long-term support, which is why our relationship continues after the culmination of the course. Our alumni are offered lifelong access to our career services, meaning you can maintain and extend the important links you make during your time with us and benefit from these services.

While academics are the backbone of the education system, it is equally important to look at it from the long term perspective of building a career to support the learning. This is what we, at MSMT aim to do and to achieve our goals of getting our students to renowned companies and organizations throughout the world; we pay extra attention to the placement process. A placement cell for the students takes care of the incoming opportunities from various MNCs for different job profiles and offers and conveys the same information to the students. We also take care of every student and design programmes to fit their key improvement areas and skillset.
Not only this, we also promote entrepreneurship and self-starting environment to the students and always motivate them towards innovation and development. This not only helps them push their capabilities to the next level, but also brings them into notice by various people who might be able to help or support them through their entrepreneurial journey. Hence, we are the leading placement providers in the region for a reason and our results speak it out for us. With a joint effort and dedication from the team and the students, we work our way towards achieving success.

Here is a list of few of our students placed in various reputed companies.


Hoshiar Singh

Shiv Govind Singh