Who can attest the documents and how it should be?

The candidate has to submit the eligibility documents self-attested or duly attested by Gazetted officer / Notary Public.

Attested documents should have the seal & signature of the attestation officer. The seal should contain the name, designation, address. If Name, Designation and Address of the attestation officer are not clear, then the admission form will not be considered for processing. If the documents are attested by Notary, the seal of the Notary should always contain the Registration number and place of the Notary.

The Headmaster/ Headmistress/ Principal of Government colleges are eligible for attestation of the documents. The seal should contain Name of the person, College/ School Name and Place of the College/ School. The attestation by Headmaster / Headmistress / Principal of Private School / Colleges will not be considered.

Photocopy of attested documents are not acceptable. Attestation on fax copy of the document is not acceptable.

The Name, Seal and Designation details of the attestation should be in English/ Hindi.